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1) YourIncomeProperty acts as coordinator and planner in assisting to find and simplify real estate investment transactions between investors, brokers and properties nationwide.

2) Once registered with YourIncomeProperty, we will systematically e-mail you our newsletter, special offers and other marketing and educational materials related to residential income property investments. You will also have access to our free tools section of the site for unlimited use. You can opt-out anytime at the touch of a button by clicking the “Manage your subscription” link.

3) We do not warrant the accuracy or reliability of the content or information within this site. The view expressed are for educational and informative purposes only and the investor should do his or her due diligence before deciding to invest.

4) We offer a variety of income producing residential properties nationwide. While, ideally, we would like to verify the details of each property offered by us, it isn’t possible to check every aspect of every property everywhere in the nation. Consequently, it is imperative for each potential investor to inspect properties in person and do his or her due diligence as to the condition of the property, the features of the neighborhood, community facilities and regional demographics before writing a purchase offer and/or entering into a contract to purchase.

5) Neither YourIncomeProperty, including agents or employees acting on our behalf, nor Keller Williams Realty can guarantee that your property will increase in value or that you will have an immediate positive cash flow. Accordingly, it is vital that investors have sufficient reserves to cover periods of time where property is vacant or rents are uncollectable. Financial set-asides for repair and maintenance, and legal expenses incurred from evictions or related expenses should also be a part of any real estate investment planning. It is important that investors not over-extend themselves and acquire more property than they can rationally and honestly afford.

6) Investing is risky even for those who profess to have the knowledge to make the appropriate informed decision. As a result, it is impossible to guarantee the price appreciation of any property. State of affairs and facts on the ground may change over time which may directly affect the actual expected income level. When the economy is in decline it is impossible to predict the rise or fall of property values. Over the course of a long-term real estate investment we cannot guarantee that your property will not depriciate in value at times.

With respect to rent collection, under certain market circumstances, rent collection can increase year after year. Nonetheless, during adverse economic conditions or bad times, rents can decrease year after year as the number of qualified tenants declines. Nobody can really guarantee that if rents do fall they will bounce back quickly to their previous level. This is one more reason why potential investors must maintain satisfactory financial resources to avoid default and/or foreclosure.

7) YourIncomeProperty and its sale agents receive compensation in the form of referral fees from various brokers Nationwide. YourIncomeProperty does not have employment or agency relationship with these individuals and companies to whom we refer our clients. We are not responsible for nor do we endorse any claims or representations made by these individuals or companies. All information provided by them should be verified by the investor independently prior to entering into a contract or purchase agreement.

8) YourIncomeProperty is not licensed to practice or give advice on tax related matters, investment advice and/or legal issues. We advise you to consult an applicable competent expert for investment, tax and/or legal advice.

By using any of the services offered through this site and/or by purchasing property through referral from YourIncomeProperty, investor waives the right to file any legal action against YourIncomeProperty, Keller Williams Realty, or any of our agents or representatives in the event of an errant clain or misrepresentation by referred companies or individuals. These referred companies and individuals include brokers, real estate agents, lenders, building contractors, property management companies, service providers and vendors.

Agreement to this waiver is a condition for YourIncomeProperty’s referral services and is required before any of those services will be provided.

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