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Real Estate Investing – A Field Soon to be Dominated by Women?

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Real Estate Investing – A Field Soon to be Dominated by Women?

woman2-300x225In an industry formerly dominated almost exclusively by men, women are finally beginning to make their mark in the real estate investment field. Generally viewed as less likely to be investors due to historically lower compensation in the workforce, women have broken through in recent years and a number of success stories have been produced.

Foremost among these is the career path of Lisa Moren Bromma, a single mother with a good job who decided she wanted more. Lisa started her real estate career in 1978 as a single Mom with two small children. She purchased her first property in 1978 using seller financing and built a wealth generation system that has made her successful.  She is a best-selling author (Wise Women Invest in Real Estate, Real Estate Investing for the Utterly Confused), a highly sought after public speaker, and an advisor for The Entrust Company, a leading firm in the administration of self-directed retirement plans. She continues to invest in real estate 30 years later.

Lisa Moren is just one of many female success stories in real estate investing. Her position as a working single mother is one that is shared by thousands of women across the United States and many of them are looking for ways they can expand their earning potential. With unemployment rising and property values currently falling there has never been a better time for women to get involved in real estate investing. With a few dollars to invest, a solid plan of action, and a good real estate agent or advisor working single moms today have an opportunity to create wealth that will give them true long term security.

Single working mothers aren’t the only women who are investing in real estate. Stay-at-home moms and single women alike are also entering the field because it offers an opportunity for an in-home business that a busy parent or single girl can tailor to their schedule. Women with children in school can spend a few hours a day searching out properties with potential upsides to them and then even less time managing those properties once a purchase has been made.

The focus for most women entering the real estate investment field seems to be on residential income properties. This is no doubt due to the fact that the majority of women in the field already have an established primary residence so it makes sense to seek out investments that will create an additional income stream. There are some like Lisa Moren who bought her first home as a primary residence and then used the equity from it to buy a second property, but most experts recommend that you start with a set amount of money which is not tied to your own personal residence.

Interest rates right now have never been lower. Property values, dues to the excessive number of foreclosures, have been plummeting. There hasn’t been a time to buy like this in over fifty years and those who want the rewards need to act right now. Women have an opportunity to step into this field where the playing field is even and good decisions are rewarded with substantial financial compensation. That’s definitely a lot more than other industries have offered over the years.

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