What We Do

We are boutique-like commercial real estate agent group with singular focus on one product — residential income properties. Our purpose is to help investors maximize their investing potential and reach critical mass to financial independence through residential income property investments.

We have one objective – to help make investor clients wealthy.
Our understanding of economic trends, business aptitude and financial data analysis lead our founder, Sami Dinar, to develop a judicious investment system, Value Management Methodology (VMM). This investment methodology system educates, coaches and assists investor clients to uncover undervalued, sound and gainful multi-family/residential income properties nationwide. We select the most prudent and cost-effective residential income property investments. We are the liaison between all parties involved to help meet the changing real estate environment continuously and in timely manner for maximum ROI. This is more than just real estate investing. It is intelligent real estate investing, and more.

Our knowledge, tools, educational program and investment research parameters represents comprehensive investment solutions. We use our resources with top-notch professional partners to help keep our investor client’s financial interest and investment dollars within growing real estate markets.

We use personal communication and unmatched dedication to give full attention to each of our clients. This is one of the many reasons we pride ourselves in being professional, sincere and immediately available to answer questions.

This is what we do. We do not market, sell, endorse or promote any other product or service.

Who are our clients?

We serve all types of real estate investor clients. From beginning investors with $100,000 to savvy professionals with many millions – we encourage everyone to consider investing at least in one income producing property to hedge against inflation in the years to come.  We customize a road map for each individual investor client to maximize their investing goals and reach their ultimate financial objective.

What is our primary Investment vehicle?

We focus on one product only – Residential Income Properties. We believe they’re less elusive and erratic than SFR (single-family residence) and most other types of commercial real estate investments.
Prudently selected residential income property investment has an expansion capacity for increased rents, which drives property values up exponentially. These investments work in the benefit of the investor 24/7/365 days a year. No vacations, no holidays, and no sick days. Rent due dates are not affected whether the market is in a good or bad economy. Furthermore, vacancies in Residential Income Properties are easily managed than when an SFR investment becomes 100% vacant by having one single tenant move out. This makes residential income property investments compellingly less risky.

Residential income property/multi-family properties lead all other commercial real estate asset types for total ROI over the past 20 years (National Council of Real Estate Investment Fiduciaries, NCREIF). Managed accurately, residential income properties gives the investor an added burst for every dollar invested without sleepless nights.

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YourIncomeProperty was founded in 2005 with singular purpose of helping investor clients achieve wealth and prosperity through investments in Multi-Family Residential Income Properties in the opportune geographical areas, at the right time and for highest profitability.

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Investment Strategy Calculator

Use our investment strategy calculator to determine your wealth creation potential by investing in residential income properties using our Value Management Methodology (VMM). Indicate funds available to you as 30% of purchase price and your planned investment time frame.

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